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 TheSoviet Day;Socail;POD 111710 * Pic Heavy

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PostSubject: TheSoviet Day;Socail;POD 111710 * Pic Heavy   Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:07 am

111710 2054

- Woke 658; Another Fucking long Black Ops Night with Brain,Bo& LAzy; Fun; SORE
- Slept in First Block; CLC Prezention lol
- I WON 1st TEAM ALL DISTRICT ; This is something that just made me like actually happy for once ^^
- NO gym today I should have went but I did not; Fuck you Ed- O Well
- I accentually Learned what a Array is to day in AP also my GPA Is like a 3.4; Cyea^^

Yea like my and Katlyn are going to get sex * cough I mean food after school Friday



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TheSoviet Day;Socail;POD 111710 * Pic Heavy
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